Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get a Virtual Card from CVC Wallet?

Just sign up to our website, confirm your email and log into your account. On your account panel, you will see Virtual Card option on the left side menu. Go to Virtual Card and you can create your virtual card with your name.

How much the virtual card costs?

It costs 6 USD to create a virtual card in your name. When you will create your virtual card from your account, 6 USD will be cut down from your CVC Wallet USD balance.

May I top up this card? Is this card reloadable?

Yes it's a reloadable virtual card. You can deposit to your CVC Wallet account anytime, and your CVC Wallet USD balance = your card balance. Balances with other currencies can not be used with the virtual card. But you can convert any currency balance to USD and use it with your card.

How many virtual cards can I create?

You are only allowed to create one card from your card. Once you have created your card with all your details, you can not edit the card information or delete the card. But if you need to change your card billing address, then you can contact us.

What is the deposit and card maintenance fee?

We charge 10%+1 USD base fee during deposit. Which means 2 USD for 10 USD Deposit. Total 12 USD for 10 USD and 111 USD for depositing 100 USD where 11 USD is the Fee. there is no more fees, maintenance is totally Free!

Is it Credit card or Debit?

We are now providing both Credit and Prepaid cards. But for credit card, you must have some balance on your CVC Wallet account to use the card. Your CVC Wallet account USD balance = your virtual card available balance to spend.

From which country virtual card can be used?

You can use our virtual card service from anywhere in the world. But during creating the card, you have to use a valid USA address. You can use your phone number using your country code from any country, but the address must be a valid USA address.

Will I get all the features of this card from outside of the USA?

Yes you can get all the features of CVC Wallet from any country.

Can I use these cards for Facebook boosting/GoogleAds?

Yes! You can use our card for Facebook, Google ads, Bing ads and at any online payment from at anywhere on the world.

Can I add this card to PayPal and verify it?

Yes you can add the card on PayPal and verify the card on PayPal.

How do I connect my card to my PayPal account?

Just create a virtual card on CVC Wallet with your PayPal billing address. If your PayPal is not from USA country, then during creating the virtual card on CVC Wallet, enter your First address line from PayPal to CVC Wallet card creation Address Field, enter the same city as PayPal on CVC Wallet and enter a Valid USA zip code and State on CVC Wallet virtual card creation page and create the card. The card will work on your PayPal. You can also do it in this way: Add a new billing address on PayPal in this manner: Enter your USA First address line to your PayPal billing address 1 line, enter the USA city from your Virtual card address to your PayPal billing address City. Other fields such as Zipcode and State could be anything on PayPal. See this video for more info:

How can I verify my virtual card on PayPal?

When you will add the card to your PayPal account, PayPal will cut 1 USD from your card. Then a confirmation message will be shown on PayPal, when you will click confirm card, PayPal will cut another 1.95 USD from your virtual card/your CVC Wallet USD balance. Now check your transaction page on your cvc wallet account, you will see that PayPal has charged 1.95 USD, you can see the transaction description on the transaction page and the description will contain the confirmation code, enter this code into your PayPal account and the card will be verified.
Note: You don't have to wait to see the transaction of 1.95 USD on your transaction page like other cards, it's instant and you can see it once you click on confirm card and everything goes fine. But remember, as PayPal is charging 1+1.95 = a total of 2.95 USD, so you must have at least 3-5 USD in your CVC wallet account balance to run this process smoothly.

How can I deposit money?

Login to your CVC Wallet account, Click on Deposit located on top right side and then you can deposit via Perfect Money/BTC/bKash/Nagad.

How can I top up my virtual card?

Just deposit money to your cvc wallet account in USD, if you have deposited money to other currencies, then just convert them to USD and you can spend your USD balance via your Virtual Card.

What are the payment/deposit methods?

You can deposit your CVC Wallet account with Perfect Money/BTC/bKash/Nagad. PayPal and Card payment methods have been disabled for security reasons. If you want to deposit more than 50 USD via PayPal or Card, then contact us, we will arrange for you to deposit that. But to deposit via card, you may need to pass some verification process.

What is the Minimum amount of deposit?

3 USD, it also depends on deposit methods.

Is there any limits on the card?

You can spend 500 USD per month via your virtual card, limits can be increased by contacting us.

Hi, can I transfer the money from my virtual card to bank?

Yes, you can make a withdraw request of your CVC Wallet account balance to your Bank, PayPal, Perfect Money, bKash/Nagad etc.

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